The Organized (& Eco-Friendly) Kitchen


Organization does not come easily to me. At all. But I can be motivated in the name of making a space more beautiful, and when there is an added ecological benefit, all the better.

I was spurred to clean up my kitchen with the recent revelation (to me) of buying beans, rice, nuts, and grains from bulk bins, where the ingredients are freshest, as they are replenished regularly. They can be collected in simple muslin bags and transferred to glass containers at home, where they're easily identified and look nice on open shelving or in the pantry. As a bonus, buying from bulk bins cuts down on packaging waste, so along with cooking tastier food, you can feel smug :) Here is a guide to locate bulk bins in your area.

Of course, a more streamlined, eco-friendlier kitchen doesn't begin and end with decanting beans. Below is an assortment of quality kitchen items that are made to last and will help collect and store groceries, filter water, and clean up for years to come.