Otomi Fabric


I took some time during a recent trip to Zihuatanejo to head into town and check out the local wares. Between stalls of beautiful silver jewelry and all manner of woven goods was a woman selling Otomi table runners, throw pillows and bedding. Heaven.

Otomi textiles are created by the Otomi Indians in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo, with generations of mothers having passed the art form to their daughters.  Each hand-embroidered piece takes the women several weeks to assemble, with the animals and plants depicted said to be based on ancient cliff paintings found in the Tepehua-Otomi Mountains.  For more information, check out the independently-run Mexican Indigenous Textile Project.

US retailer L'Aviva Home has a nice selection of Otomi textiles, with prices for a tenango (coverlet) starting at $450.