High/Low: Linen Bedding


Linen bedding ticks all my decor-related boxes: it's very comfortable, with a slightly heavier weight I prefer to cotton, has a relaxed feel, and gets better with age.  My linen love affair began with the purchase of a duvet and shams, which wound up being the gateway to a full linen bed.

There is an abundance of linen bedding available, with direct-to-consumer companies like Parachute and Cultiver offering high-quality, reasonably-priced options.  Here are my top high and low-priced linen bedding picks.




Paris-based Merci has beautiful quality bedding in the widest (and most beautiful) color assortment.  Their linen is soft, light-weight and a bit refined.  


Beautiful color options at Merci.


Washed Linen Duvet Cover; $291.51/queen (220 x 240cm).

Washed Linen Fitted Sheet; $138.64/queen (160 x 200cm).

Washed Linen Pillowcase; $45.44/standard (50 x 70cm).




H&M offers high-quality linen bedding for a great price.  Fast-fashion companies aren't my first choice when buying for longevity (they aren't my first choice for a number of reasons, really).  That said, I've owned one of their duvet cover/sham sets for three years, and while I loved it when it arrived (slightly heavier and stiffer than Merci's linen), it's gotten even better, and softer, over time without losing it's crisp feel.


Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set (includes two pillowcases); $129/queen.

Washed Linen Fitted Sheet; $69.99/queen.