High/Low: Belgian Stone Flooring


Inspired by Monique Gibson skillful use of dark elements in her live/work kitchen, I thought I’d highlight a material that can bring a similar dark-but warm feel to a space: bluestone. Belgian bluestone, and more economically-priced tile floors inspired by the material, add rich natural texture and a timeless look to a range of interiors, from modern to more traditional, depending on the style of stone selected. Here are a few options at a range of price points.




Reclaimed Antique Belgian Bluestone Pavers are the gold standard – 150+ years of foot traffic has given them a rich, blue-black finish and authentic aged appearance.  Offered by Historic Decorative Materials; price quoted by project.


Historic Decorative Materials also offers precut 17th Century Antwerp Hand Finished Aged Belgian Bluestone; from $31.75/sq. ft.




Cle Tile recently introduced a line of Belgian reproduction tile that evokes the texture and warmth of its aged Flemish inspiration for around $20 a square foot.  Here are a few favorite styles: 


8" x 8" Square; $18.50/sq. ft.


2" x 8" Rectangle; $20/sq. ft.


8" Hexagon; $18.50/sq. ft.




Precut slate tile provides similar texture and blue-black tone for much less $$.  MSI's Montauk Black 12" x 24" Gauged Slate Floor Tile; $2.99/sq. ft.