Cheap & Cheerful: Bedside Accessories


The Cheap & Cheerful series sources beautifully designed items offered for $50 or less.

Here are a few items to help ease the way to a good night's sleep.


Poketo's Bedside Carafe has a stopper that doubles as a small tumbler; $38.


Slip Silk Eye Mask; $45.


The linen and cotton Maeve Tissue Cover by Waterworks masks an unsightly tissue box; $28.


Muji's simple Beech Clock has an alarm function; $42.


Inhaling a couple drops of lavender essential oil rubbed in the palms helps to soothe body and mind after a long day; $15.


The Spoonk acuppressure mat isn't a conventional bedside accessory, but it has become a regular, and very relaxing, part of my bedtime routine; $50.