Practical Design Books


Here are a few books that go beyond visual inspiration and provide practical, often ingenious, nuggets of advice to guide any design, organization, or decorating project.


In A Frame for Life: The Designs of Studioilse, design icon Ilse Crawford shares her brilliant body of work and details her design philosophies; $44.


A compendium of Nordic design objects, The Red Thread includes a wide range of items, from Fiskars scissors to Hans Wenger furniture, and demonstrates the shared design thread that runs through them; $44.


Terence Conran applies his minimalist approach to design and organization in Plain Simple Useful; $25


In The House the Pinterest Built, Diane Keaton shares a peek inside her Los Angeles home as well as the reference images, pulled from Pinterest, that guided the design and build.  The result is an informative look into the mind and process of a serial remodeler; $39.


Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home is packed full of inspirational images, practical (in many cases ingenious) design advice and a comprehensive list of resources; $24.