Ceramics & Celebrations: Cécile Daladier


As a fan of French ceramicist Cécile Daladier’s work (a selection of her vessels shown above), I was inspired to see that she brings the same playful spirit and elegant simplicity found in her pieces to the parties she hosts four times a year–once per season. Take, for example, a winter Mother-of-Pearl dinner party, featured on Remodelista. A simple, edited menu and beautiful presentation resulted in a relaxed, and very special, evening.

Here are a few takeaways to inspire a similarly chic winter gathering…

• Let a theme dictate a streamlined food and drink selection.

The Mother-of-Pearl theme translated to an edited menu of oysters, bread with cheese and butter, and white wine.

• Allow the simple menu to shine with thoughtful presentation.

A tight food and drink selection feels plentiful, even decadent, when the cheese is a giant round of brie, the bread a large homemade loaf, and hundreds of oysters are arranged on an ice-covered, seaweed-decorated table.

• Incorporate decor elements that relate to the theme.

As if the aforementioned ice-and-seaweed-covered table wasn’t enough, Daladier created small seashell-shaped dishes and flat slab ceramics for the bread and butter. While few people can customize dishware for a dinner party, creative touches that tie into the theme are fun for guests to discover.

For a more easily-replicated Daladier-inspired detail, fill vases with bare branches, a nice touch during a season when fresh flowers are harder to come by.

Check out the full piece for more details and a shopping edit. Here are a few more items that fit the Mother-of-Pearl theme.

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